Evaluation of specific executives

The FESA Executive Search works with the evaluation of availability and interest of certain executives in participating in a selection process. The mandate is discussed and formalized at a client meeting and, as long as the outcome is positive and the client wishes to continue the process further, the FESA Executive Search and FESA ASAP will investigate, evaluate and make a final report on the candidate executives, following the guidelines of the Executive Recruitment service in Brazil, including the wishes of the executives and other information necessary to the client to facilitate their interviews.

Also, following the specifications of this service, FESA Executive Search will also be responsible, at the discretion of the client, to schedule the interviews and negotiate with the candidate executives the remuneration package to be offered for admission of the finalist candidate. Once admitted, for all purposes, the FESA Executive Search will follow closely with the executive and customer, aiming to facilitate the cultural integration of the executive in his new organizational environment.

FESA Executive Search will also guarantee the right of replacement of the admitted executive, if he/she does not fit the new organization, for a predetermined period, agreed between FESA Executive Search and the client, in accordance with the Replacement Policy of Candidate Executives defined in this material for these specific cases.