Leader in Advisory Recruitment industry executives in Brazil, FESA Executive Search works in various sectors to build more harmonious and happy links between highly qualified executives and companies seeking and exceptional executives.
FESA Executive Search also offers International Advisory Recruitment with the same efficiency, competence and quality in all Brazilian regions and markets, as well as being part of IIC Partners, conducting projects in more than 60 business centers worldwide.
With the same quality offered by FESA Executive Search, FESA ASAP, which specializes in the advisory work of recruiting executives from the initial stages of the managerial career to middle management, works to connect excellent professionals in positions of middle management to companies that seek highly qualified professionals.
It also offers International Advisory Recruitment in all Brazilian regions and markets, as well as being part of IIC Partners, conducting projects in more than 60 business centers worldwide.
FESA Advisory serves as the pillar of the FESA Group responsible for Human Resources strategic consulting projects, actively working in Strategic Remuneration, Incentive Programs and Variable Remuneration, Job & People Valuation and also in Coaching, Assessment, Psychometric Tools, Management of Performance, Culture and Climate, combining science and new technologies through the use of international tools and the expertise of its consultants to plan and deliver the best solutions to its clients.
It is also responsible for developing development projects, profile / potential assessment and reconnaissance tailored to excellence, building stories that positively impact the lives of professionals and business results.
We want to be present throughout the process and professional evolution of our candidates. With that in mind, the FESA Group has opened the doors to startups and technology innovation companies focused on People Development. HR Tech companies are impacting the market and we are investing the time and resources to make these new technologies available to our customers and candidates.
An example of this is the participation of the FESA Group in TAQE, an application focused on training and recruiting professionals at the beginning of their careers.
With this, we will be assisting our clients, creating new opportunities and helping the market discover new talent and new technologies.
The FESA Group is grateful for all the history and recognition that were created in more than 23 years and the time has come to give back. This created the FESA CROMA (Creating and Recognizing Opportunities to Change Tomorrow).
With a social character, FESA CROMA was founded to create and support educational and vocational training projects with NGOs, being a bridge between the third sector and the labor market.
And you can help us grow even more! Get to know our social projects and come to be part of the change we want to see for the future of our society as professionals and as human beings! Donate your time and your knowledge, and it will impact hundreds of families.