Our story

Ours is the story of those who positively impacts the present and builds futures.

Our history began more than 20 years ago, on June 1, 1995, with our founder, Alfredo José Assumpção, an innovator specialized in personnel development and a master in human resources management. His innovation was focusing on the financial sector, founding a company that has always had in its DNA the inspiration to innovate and offer clients a specialised team that speaks the language of their sector.

Quickly, FESA became a leader in the recruiting market for financial executives in Brazil, but soon that became small compared to our dreams. We recognized an uncharted and important market niche that needed to be filled. The idea became more and more consolidated as our clients requested research and expansion into other economic sectors, where we could present solutions with the same pattern of speed and quality.

In 1999, we replicated the specialization model in several other segments, recruiting new partners, each with their own expertise and career path. Among the segments, we started to work with consumer goods, agribusiness, infrastructure, retail, technology, pharmaceuticals, consulting and manufacturing industry in general. In this away, we reached new markets and kept the same concept and standard of specialization. This movement brought out another strong feature of our DNA: Diversity generates Wealth. Diversity of ideas, genres, life histories, academic formation, among others. This makes the FESA Group one of the most diverse and heterogeneous companies on the market.

The turning point

In the midst of the global crisis of 2008, the FESA Group created ASAP, focused on Middle Management with the concept of executive search. It disrupts the market standard of companies that charge by success, managing ads and being CV senders. We adapted the process from Top Management to Middle Management, delivering a complete search using market information, and helping our clients to make the best decisions. In only 4 years of operation, FESA ASAP already stands out as one of the main consultancies in the segment.

It’s time to expand horizons

Planning an even greater growth within the Brazilian market, the FESA Group in 2013 founded FESA Advisory, to assist in the management of Human Resources within companies. It combines all the FESA Group’s expertise to provide a complete solution to the demands related to internal Human Capital strategy, including assessment, organizational structure, remuneration studies, executive coaching, development programs and human resources consulting.

The missing pieces

We still felt that something was missing for the FESA Group to be complete and thus the FESA XFour was created. Aiming to be present in all stages of solutions for Human Capital of our clients, as well as in all phases of the professional career of our candidates, FESA XFour comes as an incubator of solutions with a strong technological foundation.

As a first step, FESA XFour invested in the company TAQE, which developed an application with the same name, that prepares candidates for the job market and offers job positions that match the candidate’s profile. In addition to matching ideal candidates for job vacancies, the application features classes and interactive tests for the candidate to discover their potential, earn points and unlock real job positions, making qualification and job hunting fun.

In order to repay all the recognition by the market and invest in the potential of the next generations on the journey to offering the best in Human Capital management, FESA Group founded the FESA CROMA (Creating and Recognizing Opportunities to Change Tomorrow, in the Portuguese acronym), to create educational and training projects for future executives and prepare them to be the best in Brazil.

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