International Advisory Recruitment

FESA Group is a member of IIC Partners, one of the ten largest retained executive search groups with global operations. The Group, present in all the continents, has near 60 offices, covering the main business centers of the world. IIC represents “Independent International Consultants “, which makes the organization almost unique on the globe. Each member is an entrepreneur consultant with their business in a leading position in their region.
Through these consulting partners, the FESA Group also works with international projects, ensuring that the quality of services is identical to that provided to its clients in Brazil.
Following this model of operation, FESA Group has already worked in more than 25 countries, successfully operating and coordinating mandates of Brazilian companies abroad. The FESA Group is responsible for the mandates, having its partners abroad strictly following all stages contemplated in the Recruitment Advisory Services of Executives in Brazil.
For any of the international recruitment modalities, whether the mandates generated by the FESA Group for its overseas partners or received by the FESA Group from its overseas partners, we will continue to follow and comply with all ethical, professional and philosophical principles and preserve the rights and duties of the client, the executive officers and the FESA Group itself.
As part of the FESA Group, FESA ASAP operates international mandates using the partners of IIC Partners in the same way as FESA Executive Search, respecting its expertise in the middle magagement niche market.