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About FESA Group

The story of those who positively impact the present and build the future

Our History

1995: FESA emerges

From an innovation movement in the HR consulting market comes FESA Executive Search – a company founded by José Alfredo Assunção, which quickly became a leader in recruiting executives for the financial market.

1999: sectoral expansion

The success of FESA Executive Search opened doors to an expansion in the market, embracing segments such as:

  • Agribusiness;
  • Consumer Goods;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Manufacturing industry;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Technology.

Opening of the Rio de Janeiro (RJ) regional

In addition to the sectoral expansion, in 1999, FESA began a new moment: regional expansion. This movement allowed the construction of what would become the company’s greatest differential — a unique capillarity, generating local expertise.

Opening of the Curitiba (PR) regional

In the early 2000s, the sectoral expansion of FESA gained a new regional: Curitiba, expanding its operations to the south of Brazil.

2004: association with IIC Partners

Commitment and dedication do not go unnoticed. Therefore, in January 2004, FESA Group became a partner of IIC Partners — one of the 10 largest executive recruitment groups in the world.

2007: reference and leadership in the domestic market

Human connections. Genuine care. Inspiring business to believe in people.

These characteristics have made FESA a 100% Brazilian company leader in the Executive Search segment.

2008: FESA Asap

In the midst of a global crisis, we broke market standards by creating a cell specialized in consulting the recruitment of middle management professionals, adapting techniques used for senior management (Executive Search).

Opening of the Campinas (SP) regional

In 2009, it was time to resume regional expansion. To strengthen its presence in the state of São Paulo, FESA opened an office in the interior of the state, bringing its expertise to the city of Campinas.

Opening of the Recife (PE) regional

In 2010, regional expansion reached new territories. This time, FESA’s activities reached the northeast of the country, with the opening of the regional office in Recife.

Opening of the Belo Horizonte (MG) regional

In addition to the expansion to the northeast of the country, still in 2010, FESA consolidated its presence in the southeast with the opening of another regional: Belo Horizonte.

2013: FESA Advisory

Focusing on strategic solutions, FESA Advisory emerges to meet demands such as human capital diagnostics, executive coaching and development programs.

Opening of the Goiânia (GO) regional

In 2015, FESA expanded its operations to a new region of the country, the Midwest, reinforcing its capillarity and firming its expertise in various segments.

2018: Innovating and Transforming

Innovation and transformation are in FESA’s DNA. Therefore, we strengthen the concept of ecosystem with the creation of two solutions aimed at the needs of the market — but not only it.


To fully embrace the concept of an ecosystem, we created FESA XFour, a cell specially designed to enable digital transformation in the HR market.


Expanding the concept beyond the corporate environment, we created FESA C.R.O.M.A — a non-profit area to enable social transformation through mentoring of young people in social vulnerability situation.

2022: a complete ecosystem

To fully embrace the concept of an integrated ecosystem of HR solutions, FESA Group brought to market two new solutions aligned with its needs and the construction of the future of work: FESA Diversity & Inclusion, and FESA Corporate Governance.

FESA Diversity and Inclusion

Diverse and inclusive environments are the key to creating innovative companies, and building a future that belongs to everyone. Therefore, the Diversity & Inclusion cell of FESA Group emerges in the market as a bridge to connect talents from underrepresented groups to leadership positions.

FESA Corporate Governance

A company is as strong as its leadership. Therefore, FESA Corporate Governance emerges as a solution to meet the demand for the formation of diverse, inclusive Boards and Committees with talents aligned with the company’s culture.

Our values

Genuine care

Question + innovate = learn

Customer driven

Inspiring and transformative leardership

Working as an ecosystem

Data lovers

Wide sectoral coverage


Consumer Goods, Retail and Health

Family Business

Investment Funds

Industry, Energy and Infrastructure

Financial Market

Technology, Media and Telecom

Our solutions

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