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FESA’s ecosystem solutions

Executive Search background

FESA Executive Search

Reference in advisory recruitment of executives in Brazil

FESA Asap background


Specialist in consultative recruitment of professionals in early managerial career.

FESA Advisory background

FESA Advisory

Strategic HR consultancy for leadership development.

FESA Corporate Governance background

FESA Corporate Governance

Customized solutions to form and enhance the Board of Directors.

FESA Diversity and Inclusion background

FESA Diversity & Inclusion

Projects to build multidisciplinary teams based on equity and a sense of belonging.

FESA XFour background


Disruptive HRTechs incubator with HR Solutions.

C.R.O.M.A Institute's background

FESA C.R.O.M.A Institute

Non-profit institution for professional training and mentoring of low-income young people.

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