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Why is it important to send your CV to the FESA Group?


Why we are the largest Brazilian search and selection company and we work to find the right professionals for the right places.

Our clients are the companies, so we study their organizational environment, their culture, strengths and weaknesses. We understand the responsibilities and strategic objectives of the company and the position to be filled, as well as the personal and professional requirements required.

Then, through a comprehensive database and a research area with intelligence, we identify the professionals with the most suitable profiles to present to our clients. We accompany and support throughout the selection process.

Do you want to improve in your career and be considered for a possible opportunity aligned with your profile? Send us your resumé!

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Candidate’s rights

Imagine that a professional recruiting company invites you to participate in a selection process for a better position than the one you currently work. It looks promising, doesn’t

it? But it is difficult to know what to expect from the proposal, and with that, a number of issues may arise. How will the process be implemented? How soon will it be completed? What does the company expect from the professional? And, most important, what will be the rights and obligations of the professional, as a candidate, during the process?

As a potential candidate for the position, you have every right to ask the necessary questions about the process as well as the right to get the answers. The FESA Group answers all the candidate’s questions, clarifying the situation as far as possible, but preserving the identity of the client until the appropriate moment arises to inform him about it.

The consulting partners of the FESA Group work to provide highly qualified professionals to clients who wish to fill qualified positions in their organizational structure. Although the contractual obligations exist only between the client and the FESA Group, the FESA Group feels obliged to build an extremely ethical professional partnership with the professionals, with whom it will maintain contact for several years. In fact, a candidate in contact with the FESA Group is treated with ethics, professionalism and seriousness, never like any commodity. The FESA Group believes that the candidate of today is his future client.

This conduct of the FESA Group is in line with its code of ethics, according to which the relationship with the candidate is based on honesty, objectivity, acuity and respect for confidentiality. The FESA Group believes that a successful research process needs to be operationalized through a three-way partnership, involving the candidate, the client and the FESA Group itself, so that the three partners clearly understand their rights, duties and obligations in the process. The FESA Group highlights the following rights of the professional who participates as a candidate in their processes.

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