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FESA Group: 25 years inspiring businesses to believe in people

In 25 years, a lot of things can change for the better, right? Our life, our work, the people around us and the world we live in. Since FESA Group was created in 1995, we have always believed that the search for happiness is the beginning of any transformation.

That’s why, in this year in which we are celebrating our 25th anniversary, we want to share with you our feeling of gratitude. Gratitude in the broadest sense of the word, for the opportunity we had to transform the lives of over 12 thousand professionals and 2 thousand companies. Just as we transformed our own lives.

That’s our DNA. Creating connections and building bonds, inspiring business to believe in people. That explains where we want to go in the next 25 years.

More than the quest to be the largest Brazilian talent management company in Latin America, we really want to continue impacting people’s lives. In all career stages and in different positions and situations: from the recruiter in the selection of differentiated leaders who will impact business performance, with FESA Executive Search and FESA ASAP to the initial levels of the managerial career; to push professionals to develop, through FESA Advisory; to contribute with entrepreneurs and HR Techs, from FESA XFour; to impact the life of young people at social risk, with our social division FESA C.R.O.M.A.

Over these 25 years we have become a diverse group in solutions and projects. But we also have diversity as a trademark, because we believe that with it, we generate wealth and greater will be its transforming power.

Let’s continue to transform and impact positively people, careers and companies together?

#FESA25year #BetterTogheter

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