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Much inspiration is needed to transform people’s professional future and the work environment. The FESA Group was created to build connections and relationships, with the goal of transforming the work environment and positively impacting professional lives and society as a whole.
Our job is to offer solutions in talent management and organizational development.

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The FESA Group works daily to match high-skilled professionals and job opportunities, and to ensure that this match is harmonious and happy, for both people and companies. We invest in technologies to bring innovation to our clients and candidates, and create management solutions that leverage the values of people and companies, through strategic consultancy.

Executive Recruitment of Executives in Brazil

This is the main service of the FESA Group, acting in advising its clients in the search of executives to occupy leadership functions.

The remuneration of FESA Group comes exclusively from client companies that hire it to assist and advise them on the recruitment, evaluation and selection of executives, as well as preparation of the organizational environment for on-boarding and cultural insertion of the admitted executives.

The FESA Executive Search does not work contingently. An executive is only introduced to a client through absolute certainty as to their actual personal and professional conditions to successfully perform the function.

The working methodology applies to all FESA Group customers. This sequential description of the work allows analyzing the content of this service, making it possible to establish parameters of comparison with the services provided by other consultancies that work in the recruitment and evaluation of executives in the Brazilian or global market.

Management Consulting

A team that acts in harmony is a competitive differential that takes time and a lot of work to be formed. To maintain balance within the work environment, issues such as recognition, performance and career need special attention. With this in mind, FESA Advisory offers its clients specific, customized and high-impact approaches focused on leadership and management.

Evaluation of specific executives

The FESA Executive Search works with the evaluation of availability and interest of certain executives in participating in a selection process. The mandate is discussed and formalized at a client meeting and, as long as the outcome is positive and the client wishes to continue the process further, the FESA Executive Search and FESA ASAP will investigate, evaluate and make a final report on the candidate executives, following the guidelines of the Executive Recruitment service in Brazil, including the wishes of the executives and other information necessary to the client to facilitate their interviews.

Also, following the specifications of this service, FESA Executive Search will also be responsible, at the discretion of the client, to schedule the interviews and negotiate with the candidate executives the remuneration package to be offered for admission of the finalist candidate. Once admitted, for all purposes, the FESA Executive Search will follow closely with the executive and customer, aiming to facilitate the cultural integration of the executive in his new organizational environment.

FESA Executive Search will also guarantee the right of replacement of the admitted executive, if he/she does not fit the new organization, for a predetermined period, agreed between FESA Executive Search and the client, in accordance with the Replacement Policy of Candidate Executives defined in this material for these specific cases.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development focus on co-creating a development journey with our clients, being a mediator and facilitator with the goal of broadening self-awareness in the person’s relationship with the world.

International Advisory Recruitment

FESA Group is a member of IIC Partners, one of the ten largest retained executive search groups with global operation. The Group, present in all continents, currently has close to 60 offices, covering the main centers of business in the world. IIC stands for “Independent International Consultants “, which makes the organization almost unique on the world. Each member is an entrepreneur consultant with their business in a leading position in their region.

Through these consulting partners, the FESA Group also works with international projects, ensuring that the quality of services is identical to that provided to its clients in Brazil.

Following this business model, the FESA Group has already worked in more than 25 countries, successfully operating and coordinating mandates of Brazilian companies abroad. The FESA Group is responsible for the mandates, having its partners abroad strictly following all stages contemplated in the Recruitment Advisory Services of Executives in Brazil.

In international recruitment modality, whether concerning the mandates generated by the FESA Group for its overseas partners or those received by the FESA Group from its overseas partners, we will continue to follow and comply with all the ethical, professional and philosophical principles to preserve rights and duties of the client, the executive officers and the FESA Group itself.

As part of the FESA Group, FESA ASAP operates international mandates using the partners of IIC Partners in the same way as FESA Executive Search, respecting its expertise in the Middle Management niche market.

Assessment/Development Center

Assessment consists in the creation and application of methodological tools that aim at a rapid and detailed knowledge of the professionals in question, considering important competences for the organization and for the function performed. The Assessment Center combines the use of these tools and methodologies with the intention of directly observing the participant in situations similar to the reality that he will face in the corporate environment.

International Certifications

We are accredited to apply and conduct training in assessment tools with international certification. 

Some of these tools are:

● OPQ32 (Personality)
● MQ (Motivation)
● Verify
● Wave
● Swift

Coaching Executivo

To support the individual development of professionals, our consultants are accredited as coaches by the main training schools of the country and the world. The purpose of this to offer the necessary support to the individual in his professional journey, expanding his self-knowledge, going through issues such as personality, values, dreams and life and career goals. An important part of this process is the identification of specific goals and action plans to manage and achieve them.

Leadership development

Our leadership development focus on co-creating a development journey with our clients, being a mediator and facilitator with the goal of broadening self-awareness in the person’s relationship with the world.